The Govt of India Stationery office which is established on year 1850 is being attracted as a central procurement and supply agency of stationery articles at economical cost over the control of quality scale under guidance of MoHUA since the independence. The MoUHA also provide services for the nation in socio economic development through the role of the Government of India Stationery Office.

Roles of GISO
1.Selection of stationery articles.

Selection of suitable stationery articles for office use throughout Union of India is always being made with the views of Indenters.

2.Preparation of Specifications:

Specification of article used in printing sector and as stationery is being prepared under supervision of Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) to avoid any health hazards. The Controller of Stationery is the Chairman of the committee for these items, which are under control of BIS. The Deputy Controller (Inspection) play his role as the Principal member of the Government of India Stationery Office.

2.1 Control over the consumption:

Control over the consumption for office use by supplying to the indenters is being maintained as per quantity scale prescribed by the Government to avoid wastage of stationery as well as drainage of Government money unnecessarily.


Procurement of stationery items being made through market survey and open bidding through CPP Portal under National e-governance plan (NeGP) to maintain transperancy. The GISO is the first central government office for implementation of e-procurement system in totality. The office always follows the guidelines of CVC.


Inspecting wing of GISO carries out pre-despatch inspection to avoid acceptance of poor quality material and they also confirm the items are suitable for Government use after maintaining the Lab test under BIS method.

5.Uniform cost effect:

Maintaining of uniform cost effect to stationery articles for Government use throughout India has been possible by GISO.

6.Acting as a service unit:

10000 Nos. of non-paying Indenters specially para military forces deployed at remote borders and sensitive areas are fully dependent on services rendered by GISO.

7.Taking part in Socio-economical development:

The GISO attracts the MSME development act by placing order through e-procurement system to SSI unit for development of poor and medium Indian manufacturers as well as generating the employment potential and safeguard the unorganised labour.

8.Acting as as Yard-Stick:

Other similar organizations in State level follows the practice, procedures, costing etc. Which are observing by GISO.

Location.Head quarter

Govt. of India Stationery Office

Ministry of Urban Development

3, Church Lane

Kolkata-700 001

Phone No.(033) 2248-5454; 2248-6280, 6289, 0839

Fax No.(033) 2243-7380

E-mail ID: , ,

Govt. of India Regional Stationery Depots at:-

(i) Netaji Nagar, New Delhi-110023

Phone No.(011) 2467-2079 (Tele Fax)

(011) 2467-1635

E-mail ID :

(ii)63, College Road, Chennai-600 006

Phone No.(044) 2824-0946 (Tele Fax), 2827-9385

E-mail ID:

(iii)New C. G. O. Building, New Marine Lines, Mumbai-400020

Phone No.(022) 2203-7802 (Tele Fax)