1. What kind of stationery items procured by GISO, Kolkata?

GISO, Kolkata procure Paper and Paper made items along with miscellaneous stationery which are used by Government Offices for day to day work.

2. What is the Purchasing Platform of GISO?

GISO, Kolkata procure stationery articles from GeM Portal.    The items which are not available from GeM portal are procured through CPP Portal.

3. Who are eligible to participate in procurement process?

The firms who are registered with MSME can participate in procurement process. Also MSMEs those having Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum are also eligible to participate in procurement process.

4. What is the quantum of EMD and Performance Security? Whether any exemption given to MSME?

The quantum of EMD is 2.5% and Performance Security money is 5% but MSME firms are exempted from furnishing EMD.

5. In case of default in supply, what is the quantum of forfeiture of performance security money?

In case of default in supply the entire Performance security money may be forfeited.

6. What is the delivery period and quantum of L.D.

The delivery period is 120 days and can be extended for further one month beyond 120 days imposing LD @ 0.5% per week maximum 10%.